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Hypertension services offered in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re at risk of high blood pressure or have a hypertension diagnosis, see the experts at Clinica Medica Hispana in South Phoenix, West Phoenix, and the Biltmore neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. The friendly primary care team diagnoses and treats hypertension to lessen your chance of a heart attack and other complications. Schedule an appointment at Clinica Medica Hispana by phone or online, or walk-in today. 

Hypertension Q&A

What is hypertension?

Hypertension, also called high blood pressure, is a common disease risk factor that develops due to genetics, environmental stressors, or lifestyle habits. Nearly half of adults struggle with hypertension. Fortunately, high blood pressure is highly treatable with the right health care plan in place.

Does hypertension cause any symptoms?

Many times, hypertension doesn’t cause symptoms, at least not in the initial stages of the disease. If you do experience symptoms of high blood pressure, you may develop nosebleeds, shortness of breath, or headaches after the condition reaches a dangerous stage. 

Some people don’t realize they have high blood pressure until a complication, such as a heart attack or stroke, occurs.

What increases my risk of hypertension?

The causes of hypertension aren’t always clear, but its risk factors include:

  • Being sedentary
  • Obesity
  • Family history of hypertension 
  • Older age
  • Tobacco use
  • Excess alcohol
  • Stress
  • Excess sodium intake
  • Too little dietary potassium
  • Chronic diseases
  • Pregnancy

Sleep apnea, diabetes, kidney disease, and numerous other chronic conditions can increase your chance of developing hypertension. 

When left untreated, high blood pressure may boost your risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD), a stroke, or a heart attack. You might also develop kidney or eye problems, or even an aneurysm, if hypertension isn’t properly addressed.

How does my specialist diagnose hypertension?

There are several ways your Clinica Medica Hispana specialist diagnoses hypertension. They ask about your lifestyle habits, medical history, medications, and symptoms. 

Your provider also listens to your breathing and heartbeat, weighs you, and checks your blood pressure using an arm cuff and blood pressure machine or a stethoscope.

During an ankle-brachial index (ABI) test, your primary care provider compares the blood pressure in your lower and upper limbs to determine your risk of health problems.

How is hypertension treated?

Treating hypertension often involves making lifestyle changes, taking anti-hypertensive medications, or combining multiple treatment modalities. Clinica Medica Hispana also offers medically supervised weight loss with semaglutide, when needed, to help manage hypertension. 

Exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, limit sodium, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and maintain an ideal body weight. Don’t smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol. 

Reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, and take any prescribed medications as directed by your specialist. Follow up with them as needed to ensure your treatment is effective.

Schedule an appointment at Clinica Medica Hispana by phone or online today to get screened or treated for hypertension.